Corporate giving

Five benefits of working with Foundation SA


Free up internal resources by removing the administrative burden


Invest your community budget so that it becomes an appreciating asset that grows over time rather than just an annual contribution


Engage staff in the selection of causes and organisations close to them or use Foundation SA’s expertise


Tailor the alignment of your community investment approach with your organisational mission and values


Provide additional pre-tax benefits to staff through workplace giving

Yes, a corporate sub-fund is separate to a workplace giving program. You can establish a corporate sub-fund and both the organisation and staff can donate directly into the fund without a workplace giving program.

Like to learn more about corporate giving with Foundation SA?

How does it work?

1. Corporate Sub-Fund

Establish a corporate sub-fund with Foundation SA with a minimum initial donation of $20,000. A corporate fund enables you to build a branded fund serving as a lasting endowment for your organisation’s giving program.

All donations into your fund are ethically invested with a view to perpetuity. This means you can continue to distribute funds to community organisations annually, even if your company is not able to financially contribute every year.

If you decide to set up a workplace giving program, all staff donations go directly to your branded corporate sub-fund. These donations combine with your initial investment to grow the fund over time while you work with staff to advise which causes, you’d like to support.

2. Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an easy way for employees to make regular charitable donations out of their pre-tax income. A streamlined program can be set up via payroll so that regular deductions are made on behalf of your employees to your named corporate sub-fund.

Matching your employee contributions is a great way to incentivise giving.

Staff are two times more likely to give when organisations match donations. Matching can be capped, unlimited or used as an incentive during sign-up drives.

You can deepen staff engagement through additional activities such as team fundraising, volunteering, skill sharing and in-kind support for your community partners.

If you’d like support establishing a workplace giving program but decide not to set up a corporate sub-fund, funds can be donated directly to the Foundation SA Main Fund.

How to get started

At Foundation SA, we’re with you every step of your giving journey. Your Corporate sub-fund can be established quickly and easily in just a few steps:

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    Choose a name and set up a corporate sub-fund using form available here

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    Transfer your tax-deductible donation into the fund (minimum $20,000)

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    Foundation SA can deliver an engaging workshop for staff on workplace giving, selecting causes to support, team building and volunteering activities

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    Review your donation and grant history at any time on the online portal

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    Measure your impact as an organisation over time