Professional advisers

Professional advisers play a key role in growing giving in Australia. As a trusted adviser, you have a unique opportunity to inspire your clients to become involved in strategic giving which has profound benefits.

By introducing the topic of philanthropy, advisers can deepen client relationships, while growing trust and rapport. Clients can become more effective in their philanthropy, achieving a sense of deep satisfaction, and together we create a more equitable and sustainable society.

Hear from Sue Dahn

Partner, Investment Advisory Services, Pitcher Partners

Non-Executive Director and the Top Australian Financial Advisor in 2019 (Barrons and The Australian). Sue speaks here on the benefits of a donor advised sub-fund.

Structured giving options for your clients


Start a fund

Leave a legacy

Corporate giving

If your client is considering establishing a Private Ancillary Fund, here is a useful comparison table:

Motivations for giving

It is important to understand your client’s primary motivation for giving as this will determine the most appropriate structure for you to recommend. People’s motivations are varied and can include:

Personal connection

Typically donors give to causes they identify with, or causes they are personally engaged with or committed to


Those with no direct beneficiaries can give to create a legacy

Estate planning

Some use philanthropy to manage intergenerational wealth transfer


Many donors feel a sense of duty to give back to their community


Religious beliefs are often supported with regular financial gifts


A desire to strengthen community and make the world a better place

Common triggers that underpin client decisions to give:

Reducing tax payable
For clients with a high taxable income, donating to charity is an effective strategy to reduce the amount of tax an individual or business pays. 100% of the value of a donation to a DGR1 registered charity can be claimed against the donor’s personal taxable income, and this deduction can be spread over five years.
Liquidity event
Donations are typically cash gifts, so for donors wanting to make a significant contribution to a non-profit they require access to the necessary liquid funds. This could be caused by the sale of a business, a significant inheritance or a lottery win.
Change in personal circumstances
Major life changes prompt many people to re-consider their affairs. Events such as a marriage or divorce, serious illness or a death in the family can lead to the establishment of structured giving.

Foundation SA makes conversations about philanthropy easy by providing structured giving options for your clients. You retain complete control of your client relationships, while we serve as a dedicated philanthropic resource to enable you to support your clients to fulfill their giving goals. Our expertise helps you provide confident advice to your clients.


For more information for professional advisors please see the Philanthropy How To Guide here.


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