At Foundation SA, we believe in making giving accessible for everyone – and sharing knowledge is key to achieving this.

Here we have carefully selected a range of insightful resources to get you started.


Snapshot of sub-funds in Australia 2019

Research report by Krystian Seibert, Swinburne University

Guide to Giving for Australians 2023

A practical guide outlining the structured giving options with a useful glossary of terms.

Global landscape of Philanthropy 2018

A global publication produced by Worldwide initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) and written by Andrew Milner.

Savvy Giving: The Art and Social Science of Philanthropy

A step by step guide to impactful giving, by Genevieve Timmons,

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving Australia DIY Guide

A 101 introduction to workplace giving programs.

Professional Advisors

Professional Adviser Guide to Giving 2023

A handbook on structured philanthropy for professional advisers by Philanthropy Australia.


Foundation for Regional and Rural renewal (FRRR)

A national foundation supporting regional Australia.

COVID Resources

Taken for granted? Charities’ role in our economic recovery

A report produced by Social Ventures Australian and the Centre for Social Impact


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