At Foundation SA, we believe in making giving accessible for everyone – and sharing knowledge is key to achieving this.

Here we have carefully selected a range of insightful resources to get you started.


Snapshot of sub-funds in Australia 2019

Research report by Krystian Seibert, Swinburne University

The Support report 2018

An in-depth analysis of the changing face of giving in Australia by John McLeod, JBWere

Giving Australia 2016

The Giving Australia 2016 report is the most recent comprehensive overview of giving in Australia.

Global landscape of Philanthropy 2018

A global publication produced by Worldwide initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS) and written by Andrew Milner.

Savvy Giving: The Art and Social Science of Philanthropy

A step by step guide to impactful giving, by Genevieve Timmons,

Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving Australia DIY Guide

A 101 introduction to workplace giving programs.

Professional Advisors

Philanthropy How To Guide, 2016

A handbook on structured philanthropy for professional advisors by Ben Clark, Head of Philanthropy and Social Investment, Australian Executor Trustees.


Foundation for Regional and Rural renewal (FRRR)

A national foundation supporting regional Australia.

COVID Resources

Taken for granted? Charities’ role in our economic recovery

A report produced by Social Ventures Australian and the Centre for Social Impact