About us

About us

Foundation SA is an exciting new giving opportunity for South Australia. It gives donors the ability to make a tax deductible donation today that will provide support to the South Australian community for years to come.

Giving with Foundation SA is a powerful collaboration available to individuals, families, foundations, corporates, government and non-profits.

To learn more about how we work check out our Year in Review 2022:

Vision & Mission

To ensure we’re representative of the needs of the community we serve we have engaged with donors, community members and subject matter experts to determine the role we play in creating positive impact. This has led to the creation of our Mission and Vision outlined in our Plan on a Page.

We’ve learnt so much by engaging with community and other community foundation leaders which we believe has led to an exciting plan for the next five years.

Take a look at our Plan on a Page:

How does it work?

Tax deductible

Donors can make a tax deductible donation to Foundation SA or establish their own sub-fund.

Donate to Foundation SA

Responsibly invested

Funds are responsibly invested for strong financial returns, plus positive social and environmental impact. Financial returns are then granted to non-profit organisations annually to improve the lives of South Australians.


Compliance & Reporting

Foundation SA takes care of all compliance requirements, due diligence, administration and reporting. Our work complies with Public Ancillary Fund Guidelines and is overseen by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Choose your fund

Each donor can advise where their funds go. Depending on the sub-fund donated to, they may choose causes close to their heart, small grass-roots charities, large international non-profits or scholarships for individuals.

Need help deciding who to support?

If you have a cause you want to support but aren’t sure how, Foundation SA can guide you with evidence-based research backed by rigorous due diligence that gives you confidence that your gift will make a difference.


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