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  • To start your giving journey please complete and submit the online sub-fund establishment form below.


    Thank you for choosing to become part of Foundation SA.

    Please complete this form to request the establishment of a named sub-fund or Gumnut Account with Foundation SA.

    The form seeks information that will assist Foundation SA in understanding your vision and preferences.

    Background information and a summary of policies and procedures relating to the establishment and maintenance of a sub-fund with Foundation SA are provided in the Sub-fund Manual. A copy of the manual will be sent to you, once the establishment of the sub-fund is approved.

    Australian Communities Foundation (ACF) is Foundation SA’s implementation partner and Trustee of funds under management.

  • 1. Type of Sub-Fund

    Foundation SA operates 3 giving funds. Australian Communities Foundation Limited (ABN: 20 077 830 347) acts as the Trustee (The Trustee), of the 3 funds.

  • Main Fund (tax deductible) ABN 57 967 620 066 - is a tax-deductible Trust Fund. It can make grants to charitable organisations endorsed by the ATO as having TCC (Tax Concession Charity) and item 1 DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status. It can also make grants to exempt organisations that would be charitable but for their connection with government and which are item 1 DGRs.

  • Extension Fund (non-tax deductible) ABN 57 485 460 977 - is a non-tax-deductible charitable Trust Fund. It can make grants for charitable purposes to organisations and to individuals; the essential characteristic being that it is charitable at law and of recognised benefit to the community.

  • Scholarship Fund (tax deductible) ABN 82 218 603 765 - is a tax-deductible Trust Fund. It can make grants to organisations, schools and individuals for the purposes of educational scholarships, prizes and bursaries, within the requirements of the Trust Deed.

  • The donor requests a sub-fund be maintained by the Trustee for the recording of gifts from the donor and from others, and the recording of grants from the sub-fund. (Please select the relevant Trust Fund).

  • 2. Selecting a name

  • You may request a name for the sub-fund/Gumnut Account. This can be after yourself, your family, a loved one, a business, for a relevant cause or issue, or after something meaningful to you. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) does not allow the use of the words ‘foundation’ or ‘trust’ to be used in the name of sub-funds, as this suggests a separate legal entity.
  • 3. Fund Category

  • 4a. Source of Referral

  • How did you find out about Foundation SA?
  • 4b. Name/Contact of referral

  • Please assist us with more detail of where or who referred you for each of your selections from 4a.