We are committed to the highest standards of governance.

We recognise that the stewardship of our community’s philanthropic assets is a significant responsibility.

Our donors put their trust in us and we have the responsibility to ensure we are accountable for what we do and transparent in how we do it.

Foundation SA’s governance structure is maintained by two trusted and experienced partners:

Australian Communities Foundation

Implementation partner and Trustee

In this initial phase, Foundation SA is a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation.

As Foundation SA grows and becomes self-sustaining, it will become its own independent entity – a public ancillary fund (PuAF). At that time, funds will be transferred from Australian Communities Foundation to Foundation SA.

Foundation SA will retain the same objects to Australian Communities Foundation to ensure it is meeting its legal requirements and consistency for donors.

The Wyatt Trust

The Wyatt Trust Board of Governors is currently responsible for the establishment and oversight of Foundation SA. 

When Foundation SA becomes its own independent public ancillary fund it will have its own Trustee and Board of Directors. The Board will represent our donor community and include a diverse range of stakeholders.

Trustee structure

The Trustee of Foundation SA is Australian Communities Foundation Ltd, a company limited by guarantee. It is a non-profit company that acts as Trustee for three charitable Trust Funds:


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