Partnerships powering life-changing experiences for young people


A corporate giving model that fostered the participation and philanthropic contributions of staff was a priority for Morgans Exchange Place, a financial advice firm based in Adelaide CBD.


To consolidate and give structure to their corporate giving — an important part of Morgans Exchange Place workplace culture — they established the Exchange Places Fund in 2021 through Foundation SA with a focus on education, employment, health and wellbeing for young people, and in particular Indigenous youth, in South Australia.


The Tjindu Foundation matches closely with the objectives and values of the Fund, as they exist to create positive, long-term change for Aboriginal children in communities across South Australia through cultural education and success in schooling that enables them to become future leaders.


After an initial contribution to the Tjindu Foundation, the decision makers behind the Exchange Places Fund made a long-term commitment to partner with Tjindu, committing $50,000 per annum for three years.



Maximising impact through a long-term partnership


Kellie Graves, Tjindu Foundation General Manager, says a long-term partnership means the Tjindu Foundation can make a bigger and more profound difference to the lives of Aboriginal children and young people through culture-centred programs that connect sport to education and personal development outcomes.


One such way is through the Tjindu Aboriginal AFL Academy.


“It is extremely meaningful to the Tjindu Foundation when we create partnerships with companies like Morgans Exchange Place who are invested in creating genuine change for First Nations Young People.


“Studies show that long term, multi-year funding has the impact to create huge growth for programs such as the Aboriginal AFL Academy.”


Leveraging the appeal of Australian Football, Tjindu facilitates a specialised cultural and curriculum-based program catering to the interests and learning needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander senior school students.


The program invites a squad of 60 students (30 boys and 30 girls) into the Academy where they attend a weekly education, cultural and football/fitness training day at Tjindu HQ in Port Adelaide.


Academy completion constitutes part of the Aboriginal Studies (Stage 1 or Stage 2) or Integrated Learning Subject (Stage 1) as part of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).


“It is no small feat for us to have this opportunity and generous partnership which will enable the Tjindu team to increase opportunities and experiences that are life changing for our young people,” adds Kellie.


“We are extremely grateful to Morgans Exchange Place and look forward to showcasing what their partnership has enabled us to achieve.”


Partnerships bring more than just funds to the table


Corporate giving has a host of benefits for the business, their employees and the beneficiaries of the funds.


Staff at Morgans Exchange Place are enthusiastic to not only contribute regularly to the fund that supports the Tjindu Foundation and their valuable programs, but share their skills with the program participants.


Anna Jurisic, Adviser Assistant at Morgans Exchange Place, says it is important for her to work for an organisation that prioritises giving back and engaging staff in the journey.


“I am hoping to get involved by contributing a small sum of my wages towards our partnership with Tjindu as every little bit helps,” Anna adds.


Karen Els, Senior Financial Planner, values the opportunity to actively support an organisation that is making an acute difference to life of many children, setting them up for a great future and is eager to do even more.


“I would like to get to know these kids better and help educate them in financial matters to make a difference in how they set themselves up financially for the future.”


The Tjindu Aboriginal AFL Academy is run in partnership with the Government of South Australia’s Department for Education and program partners BHP, RAA, Morgans Exchange Place Exchange Places Fund, NIAA, CMV Group, Beyond Bank and ComwireIT.



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