Foundation SA Neighbourhood Grants reaching hearts and bringing hope

We know that a sense of belonging and connection with community is a fundamental human need so Foundation SA is proud to bring communities together through our Neighbourhood Grants program.


Foundation SA’s Neighbourhood Grants offer non-profit organisations up to $5,000 to support acts of community connection that strengthen the bonds of neighbourhoods and people with a common interest.


Foundation SA Philanthropy and Engagement Manager, Sophie Doyle says, “Our grants support the delivery of programs and activities that are led by people from within the community they are serving”.

Group of mums and children singing in


“We know that these individual grants aren’t sizeable enough to change the world, but we do know they will plant many seeds that will be watered by the people leading the programs and those participating in them. The community is what makes the seeds flourish.”


Two recent recipients of Neighbourhoods Grants are making real change and having profound impact on two different communities of women.


Villagehood Australia and Hands of Hope are providing women with essential supports to improve their wellbeing and to create the connections and social networks that will underpin their continued growth and happiness.


Villagehood creating connection through music

Research has proven wide-ranging benefits of singing from enhancing a child’s development to improving overall health and wellbeing.


Through their ‘Singing Hearts’ program, Villagehood Australia is using the power of music and singing to bring mothers and children together, building stronger connections and opening doors to improved health and wellbeing.


A recipient of a Foundation SA Neighbourhood Grant, Singing Hearts invites mothers to rediscover the joy of motherhood and create lasting memories with their children while enjoying the multiple benefits of singing and music.


Dinah Thomasset, Founder and Chief Executive of Villagehood Australia, says their approach is mother and child centric.

Woman in striped top holding a baby


“Research shows that when we create moments of joy for mothers and children in a safe environment, it has an incredibly positive effect on the mental wellbeing of the mum and on the child’s development.”


Every week choir instructor Cindy McDonald leads a group of young mothers in song while their children play and listen to their voices.


Amanda, a mother of a lively young boy, has been a participant in the Singing Hearts program during their most recent term.


“The Singing Hearts program is something that we can both do together and brings us joy,” she says.


“When you become a mum, it becomes all-consuming and you forget what you like to do because you’re so focussed on making someone else happy.


“It’s great to have something like this that is free, that I can do during the day and that I can bring my kids to. It’s something that will bring me joy and make me happy.”


Singing Hearts is an eight-week mindful music program open to any woman and mother with her children. For more information, please visit the Villagehood Australia website.


Hands of Hope delivering a brighter tomorrow

Sadly, we know all too well that family and domestic violence is a significant and rising social issue in Australia, and that women are far more often the victim of abuse from an intimate partner.


Eight women are hospitalised every day in Australia as a result of domestic violence and it is expected that 25% of all women will be subjected to domestic violence in their lifetime.


These sobering statistics have given rise to organisations that are dedicated to supporting women and vulnerable people to access support services and opportunities that can help them navigate these situations and into a happier and safer life.

A group of women standing linking arms with their backs to the camera


The Hands of Hope Foundation is making a real impact in this space and successfully secured a Foundation SA Neighbourhood Grant to ensure that more women who have experienced trauma as a result of family or domestic violence, can access their two eight-week support programs.


The ‘Women are Strong’ program provides a confidential and safe space for women to learn about the types and impacts of abuse, strategies for protecting personal safety and tools to help cope during difficult times. They also explore their own strengths and support avenues while laying foundations to rebuild the life they want.


At the completion of this program, women are gifted handbags filled with special gifts and encouraging notes of reassurance.


The second program ‘Standing Strong’ is an assertiveness and boundary setting program where women learn that being comfortable to set boundaries and assertively enforcing them is a form of self-care.


The programs are having breakthrough results for so many women who have embraced their vulnerability to explore themselves on a deeper level and build their confidence to face challenging situations.


“I have discovered the true person I am meant to be, and have more confidence, self-worth and positivity in my life,” says one participant.


Another says, “Now that I own my boundaries, I don’t have to try hard, it’s happening naturally”.


Tammy, a Professional Clinical Counsellor who facilitates these important programs, says that “Hands of Hope is making a real impact to the lives of many women”.


“Hands of Hope has a real heart to not just leave women with a handout, but to empower women with a hand up in life and offer them and their children hope for a much brighter tomorrow.”


The Neighbourhood Grant will also help further plans for a follow-on program centred around self-care, empowerment, socialisation and building new friendships to give these women a safe supportive group to be a part of into the future.


Neighbourhood Grant applications now open!

Applications for the next round of Neighbourhood Grants open from Monday 4 September, closing Thursday 28 September.


Grants of up to $5,000 are offered to non-profit organisations working to connect community. The complete grant guidelines and application form can be found online here.


These grants are made possible thanks to the support of The Giving with Gratitude Fund, The Lang Family Foundation and a number of our generous Foundation SA named funds.