Launching the SA Disaster Recovery Fund – supporting flood impacted communities

The South Australian floods were a devastating event that has brought about heartache and a long road ahead to rebuilding the resilience and spirit that our Riverland and Murraylands communities are known for.


The State Government made a commitment to and is working hard to get these communities back online. The government is currently focused on remediating flood damage to key infrastructure such as roads; providing income support for small businesses and primary producers to boost the local economy; and supporting recovery activities through grants to NGOs.


But the road ahead is long. And recovery is a complex and often painful process that goes far beyond infrastructure and rebuilding homes. It’s about the wellbeing of a community over the long term and rebuilding resilience to they can build back better and stronger.


Alex Zimmermann, State Community Recovery Coordinator (River Murray Flood) has seen this first-hand through his work supporting communities recover from natural disasters over many years. “The impact of the flood is vast and will last for months. Beyond the immediate recovery efforts communities need support for things like mental health and re-connection to community. The grants being offered by Foundation SA will fill this important gap”, says Alex Zimmermann.


This is where you can help.


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Foundation SA has launched the South Australian Disaster Recovery Fund — providing a way for every South Australian to get behind our flood impacted communities and support their recovery.


We are working directly with local people, local communities and local leaders to understand the full extent of what’s needed for this community to not only build back stronger but thrive well into the future.


We’re turning the focus to community wellbeing. We’re bringing South Australians together for South Australians.


No administration fees

Not only will every single dollar of your donation reach the impacted communities, but your generous donation will be pooled with philanthropic gifts to generate a series of grants that will support on-the-ground community-led recovery activities that make a difference.


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