Community Consultation Underway

The next phase in Foundation SA’s development is to understand its role in the South Australian community.


Foundation SA is an appreciating perpetual asset for SA.  It will grow to support communities and the environment in SA for years to come.


But what is our role and what does our community need from us if we are to truly be: ‘for our community, from our community, forever?


In the first quarter of 2022 we are undertaking a community consultation process to engage with stakeholders and create a clear understanding of the role and purpose of Foundation SA.


To ensure Foundation SA is representative of the needs of the community we serve we will engage and consult with donors, community members and subject matter experts to determine the role we play in creating positive impact. Wherever possible, we will also seek feedback and guidance from those at the heart of the issues we may be exploring.


We have identified four key activities to inform this process:


  • Data analysis and research
  • Learning from those who have done it before
  • Community consultation – across the 5 areas identified in our Vital Signs
  • Run an open grant round


The outcome of this process will be guided by our community, but it will include creating the following for Foundation SA:


  1. Purpose, vision, objectives
  2. Grants strategy
  3. Fundraising strategy


We’re well underway and have already had 20 meaningful conversations with local community leaders and community foundations from across Australia and Canada. If you’d like to be involved in the process, please get in touch:


We’ll keep you updated with the outcomes on our socials – watch this space!